MAANZ SA Branch Exhibition “Flow” October 2020

The theme for the 2020 South Australia MAANZ Branch Exhibition is “Flow”

As with all MAANZ’ Branch Exhibitions, this exhibition can be entered by MAANZ as well as non-MAANZ members.

Exhibition Dates:
Friday 2nd – Friday 30th October 2020

Presentation & Awards Night:
Friday 2nd October 6pm

Judged by Patricia Rose, David Parker and Heather Gordon

1st Prize: $1000
3 individual judges awards each $250

Entry Closing Date:
3 September 2020

Gallery hours: Tues – Fri 10am – 5pm, Sat 12noon – 5pm

Click here to check out and/or download the info sheet, containing all details regarding entering the exhibition! Read carefully before filling out the form below.

When you’re ready to enter your mosaic art, fill out the form below and make sure to complete payment via PayPal.



MAANZ 2020 Online Exhibition “Sticking Together”

An unusual exhibition for unusual times.

Unlike our other exhibitions, this one is for MAANZ-members only*, and there is no entry fee. Also, because you’re  submitting photograph(s) of your work only, it can be any size you like. But we do need high quality photos for the same reason, so please read the instructions in the infosheet carefully.

Once you’re ready to submit your entry, please fill out the form below. It’s pretty much the same as for all other exhibitions, except this time without the Paypal payment at the end. This one is on us!

Click here to listen to a 1-minute video message from our President, Noula Diamantopolous, on the launch of Social Distancing “Sticking Together”. Looking forward to receiving your entry!

View the entries already received by clicking here, this Gallery is open 24/7!

*)If you’re not already a member, this might be a good time to sign up. It’s a one-time fee for lifetime membership! Click here to find out more about becoming a MAANZ-member