Wendy Edwards

Wendy Edwards


My art practice and love of nature has its foundations in my childhood. Treasured memories of long summer camping/fishing trips with my family. Then later as an adult living on an exquisite timber boat, held safe by the glowing varnished hull of celery top pine. Choosing to learn to sail in the southern Tasmanian waters before venturing to the tropics. Prized walks in the south west. And now living in a southern forest surrounded by nature, always birds close around and filling vistas of land and sea.

Tasmania is inhabited by what are often called little brown flittery twittery things, birds that are usually in silhouette when glimpsed, and quickly disappear from view. Leaving the uninitiated none the wiser about the bird that whistled and in a flash disappeared.

I like to upscale these birds and other creatures to help our noticing, to show how exquisite they are, while precariously balancing sculptures of other creatures to draw attention to the fact that all of their futures depend on us preserving what is, literally, priceless.

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PRESENTATION: What goes around comes around

These are strange times. I can’t help feeling we are experiencing the sum of humanity’s impact on our fragile world.

Violent weather over the globe: flooding rains and fire storms, loss of forest, more and more land taken for human use, habitat of precious species, loss of biodiversity. A pandemic, jumping from another species to humans.

Nature seems to be saying ‘Don’t think you can treat me roughly and not experience the consequences. What goes around comes around.’

But if we are not to be paralysed, we have to believe all the good that has been and is being done will come back around too.

I want my art to part of the good.  To show the beauty of threatened nature, and in an engaging way, open up discussions, and support change. And I will be satisfied too if I can provide the simple enjoyment and solace we all need to keep going around again.