Tamara Froud


Tamara is an award-winning London-based mosaic artist dedicated to bringing mosaic art to a wider audience. After bumping into mosaics in 1999 after teaching English and travelling, the resulting short, unpaid apprenticeship was an experience that would change her life. She has never looked back!

In her first mosaic job – with a charity specialising in community mosaic – she learned the value of involving communities in the mosaic process – something that she returns to again and again in her projects and public art installations.

Through her company Mosaic Art Ltd, she combines her skills in teaching and mosaic and has created and installed mosaics in the UK and internationally, working along the way with thousands of children and adults of all ages and abilities, to create site-specific artwork.

More recently, she has moved in a sculptural direction, learning polystyrene sculpting alongside concrete casting and carving and investigating other techniques and materials for creating sculptural mosaic bases.

She is also president of the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM), writes regularly for BAMM’s Grout Magazine and travels the world to teach and work on collaborative mosaic projects.


Joining the Dots: Collaborative Mosaics.

My mosaic experience over 20+ years has been peppered with community involvement and inspiring collaborations. Whether in a teaching scenario, a professional collaboration or just volunteering my time to make someone else’s vision come to life, I love the moments of inspiration and innovation that you get from working with other people. Mosaic art on a larger scale is a time-consuming activity that, when well organised, reaps rewards from more hands on the job. In this talk I will delve into working in collaboration; running larger scale mosaic projects and how mosaic as an art form can enrich people’s lives across the globe.