Suzanne Spahi


Suzanne Spahi is Canadian born but deeply rooted in her Mediterranean origins. Autodidact, her journey into mosaics started in 1993 as a hobby. Following a short course in Ravenna,  in 2001, Suzanne fell deeply in love with Byzantine mosaics. Since her childhood, she is attracted to oriental rugs and decides in 2007 to use the theme of rugs in her works. She ventured into this subject as a technical challenge, then it became a recurrent theme in which her personal stories, beliefs, statements became interlaced into her works.  Suzanne has travelled worldwide to teach, exhibit, and participate in symposiums. She is invited regularly to give presentations about her whimsical journey into mosaics. Suzanne currently lives in Carrara, Italy where she will eventually reactivate the mosaic studio she had for 15 years in Canada, now renamed Mosaikashop Nomad. She is the founder of the Facebook group Spazio S for Professional Mosaic Art Dedicated to bringing you the world of mosaics.

PRESENTATION: ‘My Journey Into Mosaics’

I will speak about my curious journey into mosaics starting as a hobbyist then turning it into a profession while subliminally sneaking into becoming an artist. My journey is based on the classic recipe: ‘Never Stop’.