Stephanie Outridge Field

Stephanie Outridge Field

Stephanie Outridge Field has been working with handmade tile and mosaic panels for nearly 40 years. Her background is in ceramics both under and post graduate qualifications. Stephanie started working with collaborative community projects while still studying. Stephanie regards herself as a facilitator and project designer for a range of demographics within the broader community to tell their own stories, as well as participate with making tile panels and mosaics as  place markers for public spaces and with the natural and built environment. Stephanie has also worked with other artists and designers to realise their works in ceramic tile

Stephanie established her workshop in Brisbane in the late 1980’s and is still operating. Stephanie has delivered projects for local and state government, educational facilities and for corporate agencies. Stephanie has successfully delivered projects with a range of community groups including the very young from 18 months to the more mature with oldest hands on participant 98 years old. Groups have been linked by experience, place, cultural background, age or interest.

Stephanie believes in the opportunity for all to be able to have a hands on experience to create a permanent work in the public arena and inclusion is important. Stephanie also had developed techniques to guarantee mosaics meet Australian standards for slip resistance for pedestrian surfaces as well as porosity tests.

Stephanie enjoys working with people and sharing her skills and knowledge.

Stephanie has completed arts , cultural and education studies successfully at Sydney College of the Arts, Monash University and Griffith University.