Sarah Pryke

Sarah Pryke

Sarah is a biologist who creates highly detailed and realistic mosaic artworks inspired by nature.

Sarah is a self-taught mosaic and glass artist, who has been working as a mosaic artist for the last seven years. She has an academic background in conservation and behavioural biology, and her love and fascination of nature and wildlife has continued into her mosaic artworks.

Sarah is based in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands of South Africa, and currently works almost exclusively with glass. She often fuses glass elements to create original elements for each artwork, and to add interest and texture to the artwork. She also tries to capture the character and personality of her subjects, and place them into a realistic and natural context, to bring the scenes and subjects to life.

Her artworks are sold all over the world, have won several awards, and have been featured in international magazines, journals, newspapers and galleries.

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