Heather Vollans

Heather Vollans


Heather is an Australian mosaic artist living in Canada. Her art practice includes public art, community projects, exhibiting and teaching.

Her current mosaic work is mostly with stone and metal, each alone or combined. And her work is always abstract because abstract does not interfere with the materials’ “voice”. Influenced by the Australian landscape colours and Middle Eastern desert colours, her palette is often soft and muted earth tones. Materials matter! They speak and have their own voice – sometimes loud, brash and bold, sometimes soft and understated, but always strong. It is the in-depth exploration of materials that fires her the most. Design mostly comes well after the finding and playing and is dictated by the materials themselves and how they work together, either disparately or harmoniously.

PRESENTATION: ‘The bits in between’.

Evolution: Revolution.Two opposites. If we take our understanding of Evolution to be an established majority-thinking concept, an accepted understanding of truth, then Revolutionary thinking is the opposite (new thinking, not established, off-the-wall, often politically dangerous thinking). With evolution, there is no diversion of thought or action. It is established. Stable. Unchanged. Believed. How do we get beyond that to question the status quo? Or to bring change? What causes revolutionary thought and action? Between evolution and revolution is THE JOURNEY, the bits in between. The journey between is often where the struggle and impetus for change lies. There is a parallel in our art journey. We can all have our own little revolution – develop work from our evolutionary beginnings. Test the waters, experiment, gamble…begin change. It doesn’t have to be loud or involve others. But the influence of others can help the revolutionary thought along. Or we can quietly get on with what we want to say and how we want to say it. The revolution doesn’t have to be loud! Or even public. Many revolutions in history began slowly, inexorably. We all want to strive to move forward, develop, change, revolutionise.