Dr. Claire Barnett


Instructor, mosaic artist and family physician Dr. Claire Barnett has been studying, creating and teaching mosaics for over 15 years. In 2009 Claire opened Seattle Mosaic Arts. This community based studio features workshops from international artists, mosaic technique classes, lectures, art shows, group events, commissions, and space and support for people to create their own mosaic projects. Claire specializes in therapeutic mosaics with a focus on grief and trauma and memorial mosaics.

PRESENTATION: The importance and/or value of both mosaics and being part of a creative community.

This quilt is circular (revolution/evolution) and was done by our members as a celebration of our 10th anniversary. We have really developed quite a specialty of quilt design based mosaics because it is just such an awesome way to let many people contribute in their own style to a group mosaic.

Dr. Claire Barnett will be discussing the insights that the pandemic gave her: “We have over 100 members and almost all of them stuck with us through the pandemic. Once we reopened but only by reservation and with only 1 person per table at a time we had our windows and doors open throughout the snowy winter but people kept coming (gloves, hats, heated blankets…) because it was so important to them to have this as a way deal with all the fear, anxiety and stress of these last 18 months. It was incredibly validating, the importance our studio and gave me the strength/courage to keep on keeping on. So I guess I think this is the real evolution/revolution – just showing up and piecing together, together.”