Debora Aldo


Debora has been creating art since she was old enough to draw on walls. She became enchanted with mosaics in 1980. She started making them in 1997 after years of admiring the work of others. For the last 15 years, she has been using this medium as a visual story, a reflection of our precarious environment and the hope that we humans come to our senses and learn to share this planet and its non-renewable resources. She creates contemporary mosaic and dimensional works using traditional materials such as stone, pebble and glass but also includes repurposed materials such as metal and plastic as a commentary on excess cultural detritus.

Wanting to experience city life, she moved to Boston to get a BA in Art/Illustration at MassArt and then followed that up a decade later graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture/Horticulture at UCONN. Her mosaic training was spent learning from Maggy Howarth, pebble mosaic expert. She also spent time learning in Italy from Italian Masters. In 2005, filled with all this knowledge and bursting with enthusiasm she founded Pietre Dure Design, LLC and is the Principal designer to this day working on public art, private commissions, residencies and community projects.

Her work has included a public art installation the University of CA, Santa Barbara showcasing Chanel Islands marine life. In 2020 she completed multiple installations along the Broadwalk in Hollywood FL showcasing local marine animals as well. Her recent exhibits have included work on the jungles of Central America, Nepal and the desserts of Australia and the Southwestern USA. Her teaching has taken her to five continents and she is currently working on a community project in Guatemala to bring guests to make mosaics for a local town. Another current project is focused on the few remaining Right Whales along the eastern coast of the USA, their situation directly caused my human activity. The project will be installed on Cape Cod in 2023.

PRESENTATION: ‘Using Art as an Accelerant to Awakening’.

We’ve known for decades that our planet is in peril.  Currently, the 6th mass extinction is underway. Humans and our activities are directly responsible for this occurring.  And yet, this fact has not caused us to take action to stop the degradation of species, rising pollution levels, and intense weather patterns that continue to worsen.  This leaves me teetering between optimism and anger at the state of things.  The art I create on a small patch of rural land between Boston and NYC reflects my dismay at what is occurring all across our planet.   Being in nature has always been a source of healing but as we continue to develop and expand we create more imbalances, heading for an explosion. We are losing our way as we look at one path that will lead us to a great leap forward or at another that will be our own demise.