Castle Phoenix – Francis Shepherd and Christina Kent

Francis Shepherd and Christina Kent are building a fairytale castle and surrounding art and sculpture gardens. These two have been working on this art project for over 11 years. The Castle build was started in 2010 and the sculptural gardens in 2008.
Castle Phoenix was designed by artist Francis Shepherd who is also one of the owner builders. Partner of seventeen years, Christina Kent is the other owner builder. The Castle and surrounding sculpture gardens have been built by these two artists. This immense art project began in 2009. The first concrete slab was laid in March 2014. November 2016, the second slab was laid with the third and final slab being laid in January 2020. This year, the first two of eight concave conical rooftops will be worked on. These unique shapes were designed by Francis.
Castle Phoenix has also partnered with Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages to provide guided tours.