Brown Bag Exchange

Online Symposium 2021 Brown Bag Exchange

The brown bag exchange has been a popular feature of the MAANZ symposia for some time now so we are going to do it as part of the virtual symposium.

This is an opportunity for members to give and receive some new tesserae.  You send a parcel to someone and someone else will send one to you.  You will know who you are sending to, but not who is sending to you.  Given the state of the postal service at the moment, particularly internationally, we will match you with someone in the same country. We need at least 20 people to make this work, but the more the merrier.

This is the idea:  Go to your mosaic stash and pick out a good handful of tesserae.  It needs to be something beautiful, special, or unusual that you think may spark someone’s creativity, either now or in the future.  Pack it up and send it to your brown bag recipient. Include a card or a note to make it personal and don’t forget your email address so that the recipient can get back to you if they would like to.  It’s free to join in, but you are responsible for the postage costs.

When choosing what to send, please imagine yourself receiving it.  If you think it’s lovely, there’s a good chance that someone else will too.  The idea is to surprise, delight and inspire.  It’s not an opportunity to offload unwanted materials.  We will have a Brown Bag Opening as part of the Symposium program.

To take part, sign up for a free Brown Bag ticket when you register for the Symposium. You will be sent the details of your partner about three weeks before the Symposium.  We will be asking you to send your parcel at least two weeks before the Symposium so that everyone has a chance of getting it by the Symposium weekend.

Any questions, please contact me on

Marian Shapiro