Sticky Plastic and other Wonders of the Double Indirect Method

Presented by Dr Claire Barnett

“Double indirect” may be hard to say but it makes creating a gorgeous mosaic oh so easy to do. Learn all about working in this creative and forgiving method, using both ancient and contemporary techniques. This versatile method offers incredible flexibility for creating intricate, beautiful mosaics in small or large scale, as a solo artist or as part of community projects, utilising all different types and sizes of materials.

Instructor Claire Barnett will share her many tricks and years of experience working with sticky plastic (tile tape) and other double indirect techniques. You will learn how designing and creating your mosaic on contact paper as a temporary binder allows you to play with tiles in whole new ways and also makes for incredibly easy traveling/storing/changing of your mosaic until you are happy with your final design.

Claire will teach you how to transfer the fully designed mosaic on to your substrate using cement based adhesive (thinset) as well as covering techniques of installation to adapt to different situations.

Students will make 2 different mosaics, learning both the classic cheesecloth with pasta amido (wheat paste) method and modern sticky plastic (tile tape) variations. Through hands-on experimenting, students will learn the many benefits of these various techniques, including:

  •           Ease of design and working from template/cartoons/images using clear contact paper.
  •           Tricks for working with bumpy and uneven tesserae.
  •           Strategies for utilizing the double indirect method with large groups, classes, and community projects.  Benefits of and tricks for working with tile tape for large-scale mosaic installations and other architectural applications.
  •           Techniques of modification for glass-on-glass applications.
  •           How to avoid common mistakes as well as how to fix any mishaps that occur.

This session will particularly benefit those who want to expand their skill set in mosaic techniques from the more commonly used direct method. It will be of particular interest to folks interested in group or large scale projects but is also very helpful for all sizes of mosaic projects. It is appropriate for students of all levels.

When:  Saturday pm and Sunday am

Cost:  $110 + $25 material cost

Participants to bring : to be announced