Bend, fold and undulate – lightweight wall hanging substrates

Presented by Marian Shapiro

In this workshop you will learn how to make thin, lightweight wall hanging substrates suitable for exterior or interior display using fibreglass mesh and cement-based adhesive, which can simulate fabric such as rugs or scarves or be simple undulating shapes.  These will need to be finished off at home, but full notes will be provided plus students will be given a half made substrate to finish off in class so they know what to do.  Participants will also be given the necessary materials needed to finish their substrate at home.  Suitable for all levels but some mosaic experience is desirable.

When: Saturday pm

Cost:  $140.00 Including materials

Participants to bring: A board to work on approx. 40 x 40 – cardboard is fine. Sharp pair of scissors. 2 cardboard rolls such as inside of toilet paper or paper towel (kitchen paper). A box to take their work away in