Colour, Design and Mosaic Critique

Presenter: Emma Biggs (UK)


Emma Biggs

Emma Biggs

Description: In this presentation, Emma will share her experiences and help you to deepen your conceptual design by developing a sharper eye. You will receive a short visual presentation on mosaic principles relating to colour, tone, surface and intention, followed by a discussion of how they may apply to you, and how thinking about them might enrich your work. Through this seminar you will learn how to critique your own work and review it objectively.

WARNING: Please be aware this class is a critique class. It is designed to be helpful. Critique means looking at the work, having a sense of its intentions, and thinking seriously about ways to realise those ambitions more completely. It is as appropriate for beginners as it is for more advanced students, because the discussion is about visual principles. It can feel uncomfortable having your work critiqued in front of others. The spotlight is on you. Before you sign up, imagine if you can cope with the oddness of the feeling. If you can, please come. And remember, the aim is to develop, not to undermine.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send an email to the Workshop Co-ordinator with 3 digital images (600 x 800 at 72 resolution) of your chosen mosaic work. Larger images will cause problems, so please do not send them. Included in the email, please also include a brief description of your mosaic experience and a summary of what the work is for, or what the work is about. Try to make it clear, and factual. These emails will then be collated and forwarded to Emma for pre-presentation review. To ensure your work is included, all emails must be received by Friday 19 June.

A hard copy of these photographs should also be brought to the Symposium session as well. Please place them in an envelope indicating your name, contact number and your workshop session number. Your Workshop Co-ordinator will collect these envelopes on registration day, Friday 21 August, so they can be displayed on the wall for your critique session.

Session 1: Sat 22/8, 2 –5 pm

Session 2: Sun 23/8, 9:30 – 12:30 pm

Fee: $110 per student (max 25 students)
Plus Materials Fee: N/A
Student to bring: As indicated above