Building Better Backgrounds – Beyond Opus Tessellatum

Presenter: Margo Anton (CA)


Margot Anton

Margot Anton

Description: Backgrounds in mosaic can be so much more than opus tessellatum. If you love creating the foreground of your mosaic however find the background a challenge, this workshop is for you. Starting with a mosaic grammar lesson, this lecture and workbook focused workshop will introduce students to a whole variety of possibilities for improving their backgrounds. Working with ink and pencil, you will explore contrast and colour to evoke interest and emotion. You will be guided on how to make the most effective choices in mosaic backgrounds. Students will also have the opportunity of sending a couple of photos to Margo prior to the workshop. The end of the class will feature a discussion on potential background improvements for future work and possibilities for unfinished work too. Knowledge level: Beginner and Intermediate students

Session 1: Sun 23/8, 1 – 4 pm

Fee: $110 per student
Plus Materials Fee: TBA
Student to bring: TBA