Symposium Workshops

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This year we have a large international line up of exceptional educators. We are offering three hour workshops and seminars which operate from two Sydney city venues.

Emma Biggs, our keynote speaker, this year will be offering a 3 hour interactive seminar in The Celebrity Room at the City Tattersalls Club, 194-204 Pitt Street, Sydney. In addition, we have secured workshop rooms at the WEA College located at 70-72 Bathurst Street, Sydney. These venues are an easy walk from one another, being approximately 10 minutes apart.

With a diverse range of topics, there is sure to be enough choices for everyone. We have a maximum number of 15 students per session, except where otherwise stated. There will be no scheduled breaks during these sessions however you may like to bring your own drink and snack along. There is hot water available if you want to make a coffee or tea, alternatively there are a couple of cafes about a block away, both in Bathurst Street.

As we are still confirming supply details with our international presenters you will find the “Materials Fees” are currently flagged as a “to be advised” item. You will find that these costs will be kept to a minimum and should not influence your decision making. Materials fees are to be paid separately, in cash, on the Symposium registration day.

The details of each workshop and seminar are an indication only, although we feel sure that you will find each of these sessions educational and inspirational. We trust that your knowledge base will greatly expand and together with the opportunity to network at such a forum will undoubtedly develop your mosaic appreciation. There is a link to the workshops on the right sidebar.

Please take care to choose only one from each set of workshops. Only one Sat pm, one Sun am, and one Sun pm. Once you have chosen, go the symposium main page for the links to register.

We are looking forward to hosting you in Sydney this year and hope you will thoroughly enjoy this event.

WEA Sydney is an easy 9 minute walk (800 metres) from the Tattersalls Club, 194-204 Pitt St, in the heart of Sydney CBD.