Sandy Robertson : 3D Fantasy Mosaic Leaves

SandyDescription : Students will create under Sandy’s guidance a fabulous 3D mosaic leaf working from a 30 x 30cm piece of Marmox board.  After construction, students will decorate in mixed media mosaic, using Sandy’s mosaic thinset colour palette board. Many tips and tricks will be used in the construction and applied mosaic decoration. Enjoy a busy, hands-on mosaic workshop with Sandy Robertson from Studio OzMosaics.

When :  Sunday pm

Cost : $105

Materials : $45.00 ( not applicable if you bring your own materials – check with tutor)

Students to bring :

  1. Safety glasses, apron, dust mask, old handtowel, rubber gloves, pkt small white paper plates
  2. Medium black felt pen (Sharpie), ruler, pencil, pen, notebook, pkt Blu Tak
  3. Scissors, tweezers, small roll of bubble wrap to get it home in suitcase (optional)
  4. Leponitt Wheeled Nippers, 4mm notched trowel, flat metal file. Available from OzMosaics.
  5. Cheap packing tape dispenser/packing tape. Bunnings sell them.
  6. A fully charged mobile phone (some exciting things to show you!). Tablet or Laptop if desired. 2 white coffee mugs, 2 bread plates or saucers. (not too thick!)

Students are welcome to contact Sandy Robertson if necessary to discuss this list. 07 38474873