Small Works Salon & Auction

salonThis event has become a highlight of the MAANZ symposiums. Attendees and their guests have the opportunity to browse and bid for unique mosaic art works. Attending the salon is open to all symposium attendees but to exhibit and sell in the salon, you MUST buy an exhibitor’s place.

This year we have 35 salon places for exhibitors. A waitlist will be available. Buy a spot when you register – details of the piece aren’t needed till later in the year.

The piece must be mosaic and has to be 30 x 30 cm or smaller, but there are no other restrictions. You get to set your own starting price and are responsible for the sale yourself. MAANZ takes no commission. Registered salon exhibitors will be contacted by the salon co-ordinator Marian Shapiro and asked to submit details of their piece to her by 15 July so you don’t have to have a finished piece in order to buy your place. In 2015, 98% of the pieces sold.

Guest tickets to attend are also available.

See our Salon_FAQs_2017 document for more information.