30:30 Exhibition 2009

Crusty Oceania

Poseidon moves the groundswell creates an undercurrent releases that which adorns the seabed. By Lea Kannar.

Look at Poseidon’s creatures, they are so varied and colourful.
Anything that has a shell or uses a shell type thing to protect itself and calling the ocean its home is acceptable.

Be creative step outside the mainstream of what you see, you dont even have to use a whole sea creature, a section or detail is also acceptable.

The German Association of Mosaic Artists, DOMO, also participated. Their works can be seen here.

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Judges Comments:

The MAANZ Crusty Oceania exhibition is a wonderful window into seeing diversity of artists that are creating mosaics in Australia and New Zealand. I was impressed by the many materials the artists used in their pieces, but more so the overall playfulness and freedom in each work. Each had a particular point of view and range of colour and texture I found exciting to see. This exhibition exemplifies what is possible in contemporary mosaic and how each artist can be very specific expressing themselves using texture and colour. It was an honour to be a juror for this exhibition as well as to see it in person in Brisbane.

Karen Ami
President The Society of American Mosaic Artists; Executive Director The Chicago Mosaic School