Rosemary Pulvirenti

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Country : Australia

Materials : Smalti, tiles, stained glass, amethyst chips

Dimensions : 30 x 30 cms

During the 2020  lockdown, I rediscovered yoga  and relearnt the power of the breath. Focussing on my breathing enabled me to still the great anxiety that gripped me as the pandemic unfolded.

Shavasana  is a response to uncertainty, complexity and unavoidable cataclysmic change. In the face of inevitable evolution, life  continues.

Symbolically, individual tesserae could be meaningless when considered out of context. How and where I choose to place them comes from the same place as my breath.  The act of creation is the way life asserts itself over and over.

The creative act is the greatest act of defiance and a deeply important response to uncertainty.