Pip Enever

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Country : Australia

Materials : Fossils, chitons, sea urchins, urchin spines, dead coral, shells, lava rock, coal, ceramics, burnt porcelain, smalti, shale, ironstone, rusted found objects, rusted barbed wire, sea glass, cut rusted wire, rusted tin

Dimensions : 30 x 30 cms

The cyclical nature of change and evolution is the primary theme that characterises this work. It is manifested in the combination of found objects and circle motifs. I am drawn to surfaces altered in time, such as rusted metal,  geological formations and glass, wood and skeletons washed up on the beach. I love the sense of continuity of what came before and what follows. In the ongoing process of evolution, from mangroves and glaciers to human industry, there is a cyclical and fluid relationship between humans, animals and plants. Sadly, climate change-driven fluctuations in this cycle foreshadow radical change or revolution.