Vicky Bush, Beyond the Ridge

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Country : Australia

Materials : Handmade ceramic glazed coils, travertine, marble, oro smalti, Italian and Mexican smalti

Dimensions : 30 x 120 x 4.5 cms

Looking out from an aeroplane window at the enormous and beautiful landscapes below. Inspired by these amazing views, I decided to create the landscape beyond the ridge of where my home is in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW. Researching topographic maps, examining the river systems and undulating terrains began the process of this my artwork. I kept my palette limited, using oro smalti for the rivers and creeks of life below. The trees are represented by handmade ceramic glazed coils. The travertine represents harsher cliffs and rock formations with the larger pieces of smalti pizza showing the undulating rocks and landscape within the bushland.