Sarah Pryky, Creatures Great and Small & Splashing Out

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Creatures Great and Small

Country : South Africa

Materials : Stained glass, fused glass, stringers

Dimensions : 60 x 42 x 1.5 cms

This artwork was inspired by watching a young leopard surveying the savanna from a Mopani tree at dusk. I wanted to try to capture the intensity of the leopard’s gaze, as well as feature the bark of the tree (the glass used here mimics the real bark as it has a rough/knobbly texture). I have also included a little lizard on the tree trunk, who in turn is covertly watching the vigilant leopard. The watcher is being watched. This smaller, and often overlooked, animal hopefully helps provide a hidden feature alongside the more dominant and charismatic leopard in the artwork.

Splashing out

Country : South Africa

Materials : Stained glass, mirror

Dimensions : 60 x 45 x 1.5 cms

This artwork is inspired by my love of capturing movement, colour and reflections. Although glass is a rigid and often unforgiving medium to work with, I love its reflective nature, which changes depending upon the lighting and the angle of viewing. To amplify the movement in this piece, I have included two blacksmith plovers, which the running zebras have flushed from their peaceful foraging in the shallow waters. I have also included mirror fragments, which sparkle and move in the different light, and hopefully help create a more natural, interactive and ever-changing scene.