Sandra Robertson, Banksia Delight & Mount Olympus

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Banksia Delight

Country : Australia

Materials : Smalti melts, stained glass, ceramic, slate

Dimensions : 72 x 100 x 12 cms

Over the years I have spent much time beating around the Banksia bushes. Whether blooming abundantly, attracting birds and butterflies or dropping their pods, I am in love with banksias and always look for ‘Big Bad Banksia Men’. Shaping smalti layers in the kiln was a challenge to bring magic and quirkiness to the fronds. Gold smalti on frond tips represents sunlight. Translucent stained glass has special effects to add some magic. It was quite a construction site on my workbench to build this multi-layered mosaic mural. Chunks of travertine stone represent the earth beneath the banksia grove.


Mount Olympus

Country : Australia

Materials : smalti, stained glass, white quartz, tin lids, metal, wire, wood, trinkets, thinset, files, float glass

Dimensions : 72 x 52 x 16 cms

Do you see snakes and ladders or a mosaic dig?

Life with Covid can sometimes feel like a game of snakes and ladders, one step forward and two steps back. Take a break and explore Mosaic Mount Olympus.

The archaeologists are back on site in full hazard safety gear, protecting them from past and present dangers. One ancient mosaic seems to shed a tear for our current plight.

Keep a lookout for snakes. Stop to smell the roses. Chat with the scientists.

Charge your phone at the path start.

First one to the top wins a freedom ride on Pegasus!