Pip Enever, Blue Mountains Bushfire – Metamorphosis

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Country : Australia

Price : Not for Sale

Materials : Smalti, blocchi, scribbly gum bark, burnt tin, rusted metal objects, ironstone, beach glass, glass, smalti, gold

Dimensions : 58 x 20 x 2 cms

The regenerative power of the scribbly gum forests near my home is the inspiration for my work. Just months after the wildfire, with almost supernatural ability, life burst through burnt bark, grass trees sprang to life and seeds cracked open by the heat lead to a vivid undergrowth. The juxtaposition of the living and the dead is loaded with an expression of hope but also a sadness. In spite of the green shoots of optimism the prognosis of whether the bush will have the capacity to withstand more frequent wildfires caused by climate change and recover its ecosystems, is looking grim.