Kelley Knickerbocker, But I Digress & We’ve Known All Along

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We’ve known all along 

Country : United States

Price : Not for Sale

Materials : Defaced ceramic, india ink, acrylic, epoxy

Dimensions : 43 x 33 x 5 cms

But I Digress

Country : United States

Price : $2,700. For sales enquiries contact

Materials : Defaced ceramic, acrylic, epoxy

Dimensions : 43 x 35 x 5 cms

In the current political process of tearing off cultural bandaids and blinders and working to make sense of what we’re finding beneath, a strong focus of my work is the defacement of surfaces to expose, analyse, and engage with the material beneath.

This often takes the form of chipping off part of the top layer of glazed ceramic/stoneware to expose the raw, porous interior surface, then stringing the whole and chipped pieces together to create a meaningful visual dialogue between the shielded and the revealed.

Recently I’ve begun painting and drawing on the raw surface areas, exploring the potential of unifying individual tesserae across their defined lines of andamento.