Inge Gardner, Kai’Mia

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Country : Australia

Materials : Italian and Mexican smalti, eco smalti, marble, travertine, limestone

Dimensions : 110 x 50 x 5 cms

Kai’Mia is the Aboriginal name for gymea lily, which is native to the area around Sydney, the D’harawal Country.

According to the Koori Dreaming story, Kai’Mia was a great warrior who tried to rescue his tribe from a collapsed cave. But his injuries were too great, and he died.

Where the blood of Kai’Mia had fallen there grew a giant plant. On top of this giant plant was a great flower that looked like a clot of blood held aloft by a great spear.

Now it is said, that wherever you see the flower of Kai’Mia, you know that his spirit was there, still searching for his brothers and sisters.