Deb Aldo, Will the Birds Still Sing & Youcifer

Will the Birds Still Sing

Will the Birds Still Sing was visualized in March of 2020 and made over the next several months. The entire world came to a screeching halt just as I returned from an art-making trip to Guatemala. While there we hiked in the jungle with some very experienced birders/hikers who taught us about many avian species: what these birds looked and sounded like. We saw some amazing birds including quetzals. We also noticed a large amount of tree damage. Poachers cut the trees and capture the birds. The birds are sold; the wood cooks the food that people need to stay alive.


Around the globe
We wreak havoc on all abodes

Careless disrespect for other species
Whereas mother nature cares for all that she sees

We are at the center of the sixth mass extinction
This is a very unfortunate distinction

I have a bone to pick with you and you and you
We are so perilously close to all the way through

Humans pilfer and pollute, a poor legacy
Why, we are at the centre of it all, such supremacy

Is this poison as medicine
We spit the pill out, we simply jettison

We need to embrace
Our place on this earth, to look at ourselves face to face

And learn to take care of this place.