Caitlin Hepworth, As Above so Below & Insieme

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Country : Australia

Materials : Smalti, Oro, dalle de verre, marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone

Dimensions : 49 x 46 x 9 cms

The making of mosaic simultaneously connects me to the present moment as well as to millennia past. It enables me to be across time, as well as lost in time. Fragments of stone and glass; found, broken and reassembled to speak to the importance of Gobekli Tepe, as well as to the global and universal connections that our lost civilisations made with the stars.


Country : Australia

Materials : Smalti and Oro

Dimensions : 85 x 32 x 27

Insieme represents the energetic connections between people and the natural environment as well as the nourishment and growth that this connection inspires.