Barb Ulenbruch, Break Free

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Country : Australia

Materials : Marble

Dimensions : 60 x 60 x 2 cms

This work examines the process of breaking free from the things that hold us back; gradually expanding our horizons until we can finally move forward on our chosen path. It was inspired by the many people I have met who have bravely done just that.

Juror’s Comments

Break Free is one of those mosaics that I want to sit with for a long time and just take it in. This piece breathes and is alive. The use of size, shape, and spacing is skilful and innovative, and is elevated by the use of a single material in a single colour. What is perhaps most compelling about this piece is its energy, at once calm and buzzing, and the tension that creates is highly effective. I am thrilled to give Break Free my Juror’s Award and look forward to seeing more of Barb’s work in the future.”