Annabella Wewer, MMXX

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Country : United States

Materials : Marble, basalt, black jasper, sea glass, smalto, Litovi, coal, epoxy

Dimensions : 71 x 101 cms

MMXX was born out of a casual observation I made towards the end of 2020. Amidst the chaos of a global pandemic, and a tumultuous year in the US, good things still happened. Babies were born, weddings went on, we found moments of joy and personal achievement, and we got things done. Surrounded by loss, personal or global, and considering the consequences of history, racial injustice, capitalism, inequality, and colonialism, among others, “You really had to dig to find the bright spots,” I said. So I hid the colors in an otherwise black mosaic. 2021, so far, hasn’t been better.