Angela Sanders, Inside Out & Voiceless

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Country : United States

Price : Not for Sale

Materials : Smalti, marble, ceramic, gold

Dimensions : 114 x 31 x 31 cms

Voiceless is an attempt to reconcile the devastating impact of Covid-19 on our personal and social well-being. Each day we were forced to navigate reams of conflicting information about personal safety, social distancing, the rise of racism and xenophobia, border closures, illness and death.

I watched my daughter, a practising physician, working 110 hours a week, changing her clothing outside in the middle of winter and keeping her distance… to avoid exposing us to this terrible virus.

The accumulated effects were overwhelming. I felt isolated, numb, powerless and frightened. I could no longer work. I was voiceless…

Inside/Out was inspired by International Women’s Month of March 2020. This piece is a celebration of the unique roles that women play within modern society.

This intensely personal piece is meant as a celebration of the body as a vessel for holding and protecting memories and emotions. It speaks visually to those things previously concealed in my most protected, hidden, inner core. It openly reveals the things I cannot say aloud.