Angela Sanders, Inside Out & Voiceless

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Country : United States

Price : Not for Sale

Materials : Smalti, marble, ceramic, gold

Dimensions : 114 x 31 x 31 cms

Voiceless is an attempt to reconcile the devastating impact of Covid-19 on our personal and social well-being. Each day we were forced to navigate reams of conflicting information about personal safety, social distancing, the rise of racism and xenophobia, border closures, illness and death.

I watched my daughter, a practising physician, working 110 hours a week, changing her clothing outside in the middle of winter and keeping her distance… to avoid exposing us to this terrible virus.

The accumulated effects were overwhelming. I felt isolated, numb, powerless and frightened. I could no longer work. I was voiceless…

Juror’s Comments

“Voiceless is truly an exceptional mosaic. In it, Angela Sanders demonstrates artistic and technical excellence, blending materials, form, and andamento so they work in effortless harmony. The real achievement, however, is the way the work elicits a deep and immediate emotional response in the viewer. The rage, despair, muted shock, and helplessness (but also hope?) are palpable. What makes it particularly effective is that it manages to lead the viewer without giving them all the answers. The message is clear but there is also room for interpretation and personal connection. This is a fine and difficult line to walk, and Angela has done it masterfully. Voiceless is a shining example of contemporary mosaic and work like this will help mosaic take its place in the contemporary fine art world.”

Inside/Out was inspired by International Women’s Month of March 2020. This piece is a celebration of the unique roles that women play within modern society.

This intensely personal piece is meant as a celebration of the body as a vessel for holding and protecting memories and emotions. It speaks visually to those things previously concealed in my most protected, hidden, inner core. It openly reveals the things I cannot say aloud.