International Symposium 2024 – Exhibitions

An exciting addition to the MAANZ International Symposium event will be the return of the International and 30:30 exhibitions which will be held in Geelong in November 2024. The MAANZ Symposium program includes the official opening celebrations and award presentations for both exhibitions.

International Exhibition

The International Exhibition is MAANZ’s premier showcase of mosaic art and will be held at the National Wool Museum in Geelong. This year the International Exhibition will be themed in line with the Symposium, with all entries required to respond to ‘Time and Materiality’. This exhibition is aimed at emerging and established mosaicists and creates an opportunity to enter works that demonstrate both conceptual and technical excellence in contemporary mosaic art. This is a juried exhibition which means that entries will be selected blind by an esteemed panel of independent jurors, so not all entries will be accepted. Please note that entries will not be for sale. Entries close on 1 September 2024

Open to MAANZ members only

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30:30 Vision Exhibition

The 30:30 Vision Exhibition will be held at Hue and Cry Collective in Geelong which is a dynamic local gallery space. This year the 30:30 Vision exhibition is not themed so entries can be work on any topic, made in any mosaic material. The unifying thread of this exhibition is the size of the work with all entries sized at 30 x 30 cm and unframed. It is aimed at all mosaicists from beginner to enthusiasts and established practitioners. This is an open exhibition which means all entries will be accepted if they meet the entry criteria.

Open to both MAANZ members and non-members. Entries close on 1 September 2024

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Guidelines for exhibitors

Entering a mosaic into these exhibitions is separate to Symposium registration and is not included in the Symposium fee. The exhibition openings and award presentations are part of the Symposium package for all Symposium delegates. Guest tickets to the openings can be purchased for additional guests, subject to availability. Exhibiting artists who are not Symposium delegates may also purchase a guest ticket if they wish to come to an opening.

Time and Materiality
Time & Materiality is the 2024 MAANZ Symposium theme for the Plenary presentations and the International Exhibition. (The 30:30 Vision Exhibition is un-themed).

This theme can be interpreted as either Time and/or Materiality.

“A work of art does not answer questions, it provokes them;
and its essential meaning is in the tension between the contradictory answers”

Leonard Bernstein (whose mosaics are musical)

Time is an inclusive concept that is very familiar to most people. For example, all things change over time, especially ourselves. We age! In some ways, change can be seen as a measure of time. So, time can be represented in a mosaic in many ways – from an expression of movement (as in the dandelion motif in the Symposium branding), to time-keeping as a way of measuring change.

There is no right or wrong way to express the concept of Time in a mosaic. This freedom of interpretation is an important part of being an artist. And it extends also to Materiality, the other half of the Symposium theme.

Materiality means matter or substance, as in ‘material’.  Sometimes we choose certain materials because they relate to the meaning of the mosaic we want to make with them, such as broken treasured crockery used for picassiette, that is a form of memory-ware. Not all mosaics need to be made using permanent materials, which opens another realm of material possibilities. Some people choose to make mosaics using materials that they know will change over time, and this is part of the meaning in the work. Materiality could be a trigger to work with experimental media/materials in order to extend creative range beyond the traditional mosaic materials such as glass, ceramic and stone. The options are near endless.

There are countless ways to interpret the theme of Time & Materiality, and there is no wrong way. You can explore both Time AND Materiality or just one of these ideas. Do what you feel most inspired by and comfortable with, and be prepared to explore questions and contradictory answers. Have fun!

If you are unsure about how you might like to work to the theme of Time & Materiality for the juried International Exhibition or if you want to chat with someone about your ideas, contact your local MAANZ Branch Rep for help.