“Mr Logomania” acquired by the Museum of Art for the City of Ravenna.

A Big Congratulations shout out to Pamela Irving who has the great honour of being the first Australian to have her work “Mr Logomania” acquired by the Museum of Art for the City of Ravenna. It is the first work by an Australian artist in that collection, considered the best contemporary mosaic collection in the world. I think it’s quite a big deal for Mosaics in Australia.

LogomaniaMr Logomania – photo courtesy – Mosaic Art Now”
Pamela is also having her first solo exhibition in Chicago at the Gallery of Contemporary Mosaic Art in Chicago (GoCM). The body of works for this show is all new and is titled “An Apocalyptic Alphabet”. It consists of 26 limited edition prints for each letter of the Alphabet and mosaic works.

When she gets back from Chicago she has a new major commission for Lauriston Girls Grammar in Melbourne and then a residency in Shanghai in October. Very Busy Lady!
We are very proud and excited for Pamela!

Queen of the Shire 2015

Deborah HALPERNQueen_of_the_Shire
coloured glass tiles, fibreglass, aluminium, steel
470cm x 320cm x 50cm

Location: Cnr Kangaroo Ground-Warrandyte Rd & Research-Warrandyte Rd North Warrandyte

MAANZ member Deborah Halpern’s Queen of the Shire embodies the creative spirit of Nillumbik, a spirit that has been forged by a dynamic artistic heritage, inspired by the region’s landscape, history and its people. The Queen’s sweeping form and vibrant colours reflect the local landscape-the blue and russets of skies reflected in th Yarra River and the varied greens and yellows of the bush.

Hanging Requirements for MAANZ Exhibitions

Please make sure that all your artwork has an adequate hanging system according to weight and substrate and follows the guidelines. Artwork without this won’t be exhibited.

Hanging work must be prepared for exhibition with D-Rings and strong cord or wire.
Your 2 D-rings (one on either side of the back of your work) should be located to enable your work to hang flat. This is usually with the screw of the D-ring 10cm from the top edge of the work, with the screw 5cm in. Strong cord or wire should be used and strung tight.
D-rings must be screwed into or through the substrate and NOT glued on.

You can purchase D -ring from any good framer or online from www.artscene.com.au. Search for Framing/metal D ring under the code section. There are different strengths available for heavier pieces.

DO NOT use the cheap triangle shaped ones from the hardware as they break easily.

Please Note: MAANZ will not take responsibility of damaged hanging mosaics due to inadequate hanging system.

If you use Marmox, Wedi or any other lightweight substrate boards you must attach the hanging system the correct way. This most likely has to be done before gluing tesserae down, because the screws have to go through the board and fastened with washers.
The correct way of doing it can be downloaded here.

You also can buy these substrates already with the fixings attached. Many suppliers have a D-ring system already secured to the boards.

Please also make sure that your artwork has FELT PADS (not silicon) attached to the back.