The Mosaic Association of Australia & NZ


The Mosaic Association of Australia and NZ was incorporated in March 2002 and has in excess of 800 members from around Australia, NZ, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and more.

We have three guiding stars that help shine the way to do what we do. Mosaic Exhibitions, Mosaic Education and Mosaics Making a Difference in the Community.

Each state in Australia and NZ has their own Branch Representative and committee of volunteers. Exhibitions, Mosaic Education and Mosaic Making A difference in the Community events are run through the branch level.

Our big event – the National Symposium is held every two years. Last year, 2017, was a Symposium year with keynote speaker Kii Toyoharu

All of our committee and subcommittee members are volunteers. There is not one paid position on MAANZ. This has allowed us to grow our association with a deep gratitude and respect for all involved.

Become a member for a one off fee of $115 and join the amazing community of mosaic artists and enthusiasts that MAANZ has become.

And as always
keep inspired
noula diamantopoulos
founding and current president