The transformative nature of mosaic art

The “Love shouldn’t hurt” mural

The Australian Campaign Against Domestic Violence late last year featured this giant, magnificent mosaic in 182 George Street in Sydney titled “Love shouldn’t hurt”, created by MAANZ president Noula Diamantopoulus, 40 metres x 60 metres in size and entirely built up using jar lids. “This project truly belonged to me as both an artist and a psychotherapist,” says Diamantopoulus. “That knowledge kept me going through the next 21 days straight working 14 hours each and every day to complete it. It needed to be delivered by a date that could not be moved or pushed out as it was part of a national campaign about domestic violence.”

The project has led to Diamantopoulus announcing a new, special interest group within MAANZ, to do with the healing and transformative nature of mosaic art. As soon as the name of the new group has been decided, you will definitely hear more about it.

“This project represents a defining moment in my life. I can now see myself pre domestic violence and post domestic violence. I am more aware of who I am as an artist, and as a therapist dealing with complex PTSD I have become deeply centred in what I do and clearer about what I wish to do. This is the transformation that the gift of art making through mosaics has given me.”
Diamantopoulus employed many hands to help her create this work and many volunteers offered their services to meet the tight deadline.

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